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Anchors and Arrows was birthed out of a desire to see people who are both rooted in Christ (anchors) and launched (arrows) fully functioning in their sphere of influence to bring heaven to earth.

We were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) and as children of God (Galatians 3:26), we have been given access to the Kingdom. Our understanding of our identity as children is all to point back to our Father, not for our own glory or fame. It's from this revelation that we can fully walk in the authority that we've inherited. 


The mission of Anchors and Arrows is simple: to help Christians discover the power they possess through their identity (John 14:12), empower them to release it on the earth with authority through signs, wonders, and miracles that point back to Jesus (Hebrews 2:4), and lead others to do the same.

Anchors and Arrows will serve as a reminder of who we are called to be and encourage us to operate from that place.


Anchors and Arrows does not believe that "regular" life and ministry were ever meant to be separate.


We are called to live supernaturally as part of our everyday lives. We are to be (anchored) in the word of God for guidance, grounded in the knowledge of what He says about us, and then released to soar (as arrows) to make a difference in our families, workplace, and communities.


Anchors and Arrows believes in the importance of being a staple in your community (anchored) and being involved in missions outside of your community (arrows). We are all called to be missions minded. Many feel called to be apart of their local community, while others feel called overseas. We believe that you don't have to choose to support one or the can do both!

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Host a Bible study or small group in your community and collect funds monthly to sponsor a missionary overseas.
  2. Match the amount of time you volunteer at your local mission (whether it's weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually) with the amount you give to foreign missions. (Example: 52 hours/year in volunteer hours and $52/month in giving)
  3. If you have kids, get them involved! Ask your neighbors to hold their bottles and cans for you, go door to door with your kids, recycle the bottles and cans for cash, and let your kids bring the offering to your church to donate to the missions department.

 Coming soon...

*If you're in the Atlanta metro area and are part of a local mission (foodbank, homeless shelter, stateside missions base, etc.) we want to feature you on our blog! Send us an email for more details.

*If you're in the Atlanta area and sponsor or participate in foreign missions (overseas missionary, foreign orphanage, etc.), we want to hear from you as well. Send us an email for more details.